Hours of Operation

Monday: 8:30-12:30 and 1-7:00

Tuesday: 9- 4:30

Wednesday: 1-7:00

Thursday: 9-11:00 & 4-7:00

Friday- 9-1:00 and 2-6:00

6536 Telegraph Avenue, Suite A201

Oakland, CA, 94609



I went to Jenny before a trip to Europe and she really helped, not just with the pain but also de-stressing me and helping me to see that with a little work I won’t be in chronic pain for ever.
But what I’m most thankful for is her help getting everything straightened out and running smoothly in my body when I was having difficulty getting pregnant. Between the acupuncture and the herbs she suggested it only took a few months until our little girl was on the way!
Jenny is fantastic and I can’t recommend her highly enough!