Integrative Medicine combined with Functional Medicine = RESULTS! in 2019

Jenny Crissman MS L. Ac.

January 15, 2019

As an Acupuncturist , Herbalist and Nutritionist I have always considered myself an Integrative Practitioner. I approach my patients holistically, taking into account lifestyle habits, history and current complaints. The mind, body and spirit of the patient are considered to promote healing and well being.

The key for my practice is to find the most comprehensive way to help. I have been studying and slowly introducing yet another form of medicine know as Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine embraces the philosophy of Integrative Medicine but also uses a systems- oriented medical approach that further outlines the underlying or root causes of a disease.

The beauty is that it is still completely personalized and each patients care plan is distinct and unique.

I believe in the efficacy of the Tractional Chinese Medicine and its diagnostics, an Ancient yet universally effective paradigm for diagnosis and treatment! In an effort to continue to try and better service my patients I am invested in providing some modern scientific diagnostics that dive into the biochemistry of each patient. I will be using Spectra Cell Laboratories Metabolic Profiling Tests.

These tests provide information that are key elements in resolving hard to treat health issues, lingering problems and offer preventative care by providing genetic/ disease markers.

Micronutrient tests to measure your specific absorption of nutrients and or deficiencies.

Cardio Metabolic Panels to help identify tendencies for metallic syndrome and break down the components cholesterol and your how your body absorbs them

Comprehensive Thyroid Panels

Hormones and markers for Men and Women


Genotyping to help explain if you will really benefit from a Statin or just a change in diet.

Testing is available at my office. I will provide follow up result interpretation along with treatment protocols. These tests are available individually or in combination. Insurance is applied ( all forms, including Kaiser) and pricing is discounted accordingly.

We will discuss what tests might be right for you and I am committed to more WELLNESS in 2019!!