STOP The Inflammation... Brain and Body- GO KETOGENIC!

Jenny Crissman MS L. Ac

May 13, 2018

WHY go Keto:

Weight Loss/Maintenance:

Normally human bodies are sugar driven machines and we rely on ingested calories for energy. Hence the need to eat several meals or snack per day! Ingested Carbohydrates (CHO's) are broken-down into glucose that is then used as energy or stored as glycogen in the liver or muscular tissue for later use. If we continually over eat then eventually we store this glycogen as Fat.

If we deplete the storage of Glycogen over a period of days and at the same time limit our CHO's intake then our bodies must start to utilize stored fat for fuel. The liver breaks down fat reserves to provide glucose from triglycerides. Ketones are the by products of the process. These ketone acids build in the blood and are eliminated in the urine. This indicates you are using fat for fuel.

This is not to be confused with a Ketoacidosis a toxic by product of deficient insulin as in type 1 Diabetes or longterm fasting. This is a  "Wasting Syndrome", loss of lean tissue.

As we age most people also tend to do less activity but eat the same amounts = weight gain! Statistics show the average American gains 1.5 pounds of body fat and loses ½ a pound of muscle each year from age 25-55!

Health and Disease Prevention:

CHO's burn dirty like kindling wood and Ketones/ Fat burn clean like a big log in the fire keeping you warm and cozy for hours with no need to replenish the source. This is how burning fat for fuel  can lead to a decrease in inflammation.

Uncontrolled chronic systemic inflammation is the precursor to illness of every variety, especially those related to Metabolic Syndrome and Autoimmune Disorders.

Ketogenic Nutrition helps reduce the incidence and can even reverse some disease:

Inflammation in our gut- Crohns, Inflammation in our joints RA, Inflammation in our body Lupus..

Lowers cholesterol- increasing HDL, lowers LDL and Triglyceride

Lowers the bodies demand for insulin- benefiting both type 1 and may even reverse type 2 diabetes, eliminating the need for insulin!

Lowers Triglycerides 

Lowers Fasting blood sugar level

All of the above factors are the precursors to metabolic syndrome and add to the occurance of Heart Disease, Strokes and Diabetes.

Brain Fuel:

The brain is normally entirely reliant on dirty burning glucose- unless you make a sincere effort to serve up ketones as a healthier option!

Ketones readily cross the blood brain barrier and become highly efficient energy for the brain. Using them for fuel stops neuro-inflammation and the diseases associated with it: Alzheimer, Dementia and Autism. The anti inflammatory by product of ketones, Beta-hydroxybutyrate is neuroprotective and slows brain cell death. 

Cancer Fighting:

Cancer cells thrive and multiply by consuming glucose at a greater rate than the average cell. Cancer cells cannot use ketones as fuel. They also thrive in an inflammatory environment. So we basically cut off the food chain and make an inhospitable environment that does not encourage growth. This process can also help mitigate the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy that not only kill cancer cells but also damage surrounding tissue. 

It is also agreed that fasting/ caloric restriction and ketogenic eating are effective therapies to reduce the ability for cancer cells to multiply.

Emotional Stability:

STOP HANGRY ( hungry and angry)  by stopping blood sugar level fluctuations and the highs and lows associated with it.

Rapid Weight Loss:

Increased Mitochondrial Biogenisis – literally means the making of new mitochondria. Mitochondria are the energy generators located inside each cell.  They are the WORK HORSES of our cells They better they function the longer and healthier you live. When you combine Keto eating with exercise you get the mitochondria into top shape- rapid weight loss is the bonus!


The Key to this diet is calculating the breakdown of PRO , FAT and CHO consumption accurately. These ratios will vary depending on age, sex and in activity level. There are many Keto Calculators available online.

There is a hard limit of 50gm of CHO intake per day to facilitate ketosis. If minimally active then 20gm is recommended.

FAT 65%

CHO 5 % Net CHO  ( total CHO  minus Fiber)

PRO 30%


LET'S Talk a little more about FAT-

Not all fats are created equal:

Fat molecules come in 3 varieties: short, medium and long chain triglycerides. Medium chain are the easiest for your body to digest and use as fuel . They are the least likely to get stored as fat. So they are the best fats to consume!  The Ketogenic Diet focuses on consuming MCT ( Medium Chain Triglycerides)

Coconut Oil has more quality fats – MCT's than almost any other food but it comes with a few problems. The taste and texture can be difficult to mix with other foods. How it is manufactured can also be a problem. It can be contaminated with mold or mixed with Palm oil . It is also nearly impossible to consume enough of it to get the full benefits of MCT.

Enter the SUPER OILS:  Both are 100% derived from sustainable coconut oil 

XCT- Is liquid at room temperature with very little detectable taste and it blends easily with food and liquids. It is triple distilled , this preserves only the healthiest MCT the fats that give you the most benefit.

You would need to eat at least 10 times as much raw coconut oil to get the same amount of the most valuable ketosis fueling type of fat in XCT oil.

MCT– Is also liquid at room temp and may have a slightly more pronounced coconut taste.- 

Some say this source of MCT is a gimmick? It will contain some percentage of Lauric Acid and this fat is actually processed as a long chain fat. It is cheaper and and sometimes used as a substitute for the more costly XCT oil.

Could all be marketing- you can create Ketosis simply by following the diet and eating the proper ratios of good fat to CHO.

Going Keto also means embracing some possibly new lifestyle habits:

Exercise but not “chronically”, it's depleting.

Substitute MOVING, lifting heavy things, sprint for short intervals.  Less time more intensity!


Stress Management

Additional ways to induce ketosis- 

Intermittent Fasting- 14, 16 hours between Like to eat late than start late, like to eat early then start early

Fasted Workouts


CHO counter app

Blood monitor Ketones

Urine Testing for Ketones

Book:  The Keto Reset Diet,  by Mark Sisson

Movie:  THE MAJIC PILL on Netflix




This is just a taste of what the Ketogenic diet can do for you.  If you think you or anyone you know could benefit from this lifestyle change- Call me! 510-595-0700  I am here to help interpret/explain, implement and coach you through the transformative powers of nutrition!!