Jenny Crissman MS L. Ac.

Thanksgiving is a day that can often symbolize the start of numerous festivities and many kinds of consumption. I want to suggest we try to “consume” those things which will truly nourish all of our senses and not just that yummy sense of taste that fills our bellies!

First, consider not spending so much time preparing for the holidays that you miss the essence of them.

Then remember all the many ways the holidays can “fill” our senses.


Sound- Really listen/hear what our friends, children, neighbors and even strangers have to say.

Touch- Our loved ones, take time to hold hands and hug for even a few well- intentioned minutes.

Smell- The scent of home cooking, your Mom's favorite perfume as you hug, the spunky smell of your nieces new lip balm!

Sight- See the crisp blue sky of the Fall day, the smile in your partners eyes, the sadness of a homeless person, or the innocence of a two year old running wild!

Taste -The sweetness of Pumpkin pie, the comfort of gravy over mashed potatoes, the breath of laughter!

Finally , on this coming day of Thanksgiving , let's include the Sixth Sense, of Gratitude. It is the perfect accompaniment to all of our other senses.

In the spirit of giving thanks, and in gratitude for all of us , I have included a gift from Pema Chodron.

A short practice to do as you sit down to your Thanksgiving meal:


"You can do this anytime you eat a meal. Before taking the first bite, just pause and think of those men and women of wisdom and mentally offer them your food. In this way, you connect with the virtue of devotion.

Before taking the second bite, pause and offer your food to all those who’ve been kind to you. This nurtures the virtues of gratitude and appreciation. The third bite is offered to those who are suffering: all the people and animals who are starving, or being tortured or neglected, without comfort or friends. Think, too, of all of us who suffer from aggression, craving, and indifference. This simple gesture awakens the virtue of compassion.

In this way—by relying on our teachers, our benefactors, and those in need—we gather the virtues of devotion, gratitude, and kindness."

From her book No Time To Lose

Pema's words and works are a constant source of inspiration, guidance and comfort in my life. She has numerous books that reference compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.

Today I am Full of Thanks and Gratitude.